Lycéens australiens  au Creusot (12/2001)  

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Personal questions

Q. How are you?
A. Ca va.

Q. Are you tired?
A.YES, its too hard waking up so early!

Q. Do you speak French?
A.Oui, un petit peu.

Q. Where do you live in Australia?
A. We live in the South part of Australia, 30 km from Adelaide.


About kangaroos

Q. Have you ever eaten kangaroo?
A. No, that is disgusting.

Q. Do you own a kangaroo? 
A. No!

Q. Do you ride kangaroos to school?
A. Yes we do and if they disobey we eat them!

Q. Have you ever seen a Kangaroo?
A. Yes, I have.

About our trip

Q. How much did it cost to come to France?
A. About $4000 Australian dollars

Q. How did you pay for the trip?
A. Parents and I was involved in fundraising to help pay to come here

Q. Did you pay for the trip to come here to France?
A. Yes, we had a fundraiser at school and raised alot of money.

The beach ,the sun & the blue sky...

Q. Do you live near the beach? Do you go there often?
A. We live 30 km from the beach, and we go there on the weekends during the summer.

Q. Do you surf?
A. I have never tried it, but the beaches and coastal areas are beautiful in Australia. The sun, the beautiful golden sand and the bright blue sky.

Q. Why aren't you tanned, you live in such a sunny country?
A. Because in Australia, the sun is very dangerous.

Q. What is the weather like in Australia?
A. In winter, it is 10° to 15°, and between 30° and 40° in summer.

Q. What season is it in Australia?
A. Its summer!

Q. Do you have four seasons?
A. Yes. It is Summer in December, January and Feburary, 
Autumn is March, April and May, Winter is June, July and August,
and Spring is September, October and November.

Christmas in Australia

Q. Do you have Christmas in Australia? What do you do on Christmas day?
A.YES!!!! We do have Christmas, and Christmas trees, and Father Christmas. It is on the 25th of December, and we have a BBQ and salads instead of a roast lunch.

Q. Is Christmas on the same day?
A. Yes.

School in Australia

Q. What is school like in Australia?
A. We only go to school Monday to Friday. We start at 9am, and finish at 3pm. We have a half an hour break at 11am, and we have 40 minutes for lunch at 1pm. 
We bring a packed lunch to school, or we can buy food from the canteen, but it is not the same as the canteens in France.

About France and French people

Q. Do you like France?
A.Oui, beaucoup

Q. What do you think of French people?
A. In Paris the people are mean and hit you with their cars but here they are nice.

Many thanks to Ainslie, Ben, Byron, Hayden, Laura and Philippe.

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