Lycéens australiens  au Creusot (12/2001)  

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My impressions of France:

Well, there isn't much to say except that I loved my stay in Le Creusot, it is kind of like our small town of Mt Barker in Australia. France is a nice country, what I've seen so far anyway. So far on my seven week exchange here in France, my stay in Le Creusot has been the best stay, I have had the best time. France is beautiful, but it is alot colder here than in Australia and I haven't seen any sun at all since I left Australia. I saw a little bit of sun in St Marcel, but it wasn't the same as in Australia. France and Australia are both beautiful and amazing countries with history and beautiful countryside.
Anyway, enough of that, thanks everyone that helped us when we got lost and thanks to all of our host friends. We hope that you could get a group together like us and come to Australia. 
From Ainslie 

Our impressions of Le Creusot were very good. The first thing we noticed was that it is very cold here! The young people here are a lot like the people in Australia, they do the same things we do, watch the same movies, and listen to the same music.
From Ben & Laura

My Impressions of Le Creusot
Le Creusot is a town much like Mt Barker. The people here are very friendly and helpful unlike the people in Paris. My correspondant, Franck is very nice and I've had a great time here with him. I met some very interesting people on the first day I arrived when I ventured down to the skatepark. These people have become my friends over the last week. I've had a great time over the last few days in Le Creusot I'll be sad to leave this town and I hope to stay in touch with some of the young people that i've met in this town.
From Hayden

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